Novalys is a distributor of AscentialTest, a Zeenyx product


AscentialTest offers a unique approach of software testing combining Object Based and No Programming Test-Automation

Why is AscentialTest different?

  1. With Scripting tools, you write scripts to define test actions.
  2. With recorder tools, you use your application as usual, and the tools try to recognize your objects and reproduce your test actions.
    Their ability to do so being limited, you end up writing scripts anyway, to add the test actions they could not reproduce automatically.

In both cases, you have to develop a test framework, which requires development skills and recurring investments, and imposes delays before starting your tests.

AscentialTest offers a different approach:

  1. Instead of recording UI manipulations, you capture snapshots of your screens. AscentialTest scans them to identify your objects.
  2. If needed, you adjust the objects definition, to build a comprehensive and sustainable object library.
  3. You can then define test actions with simple points and clicks.
  4. You group test actions into reusable steps.
  5. Select steps to create tests.

What if the application changes?

  1. If needed, adjust the properties of the modified objects.
  2. All your steps and tests will be automatically updated!

No need to re-create lots of tests: on average1, when a new version of your application is released, it takes only 5% of the test creation effort to update the tests.

Key Concept: Build a sustainable object library

Sustainable Object Library

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