Novalys is a distributor of AscentialTest, a Zeenyx product

Zeenyx Management Team

Dave Laroche is our Chief Technical Officer. He is a pioneer in the field of automated testing. Dave developed ATF, one of the first automation tools, more than 20 yeas ago. He was a founder and Chief Architect of Segue Software, Inc., the original creators of QA Partner/SilkTest. Dave believes that no testing tool can be easy to use without a solid foundation. That’s why he is committed to providing AscentialTest's universal agent with the most powerful object recognition engine in the industry.

Brian Le Suer is our Chief Executive Officer. He has been working in the field of test automation for more than 30 years. Brian began as a QA Engineer using the testing tools available in the early 1980's. He joined Segue Software in its infancy and served as the EVP of R&D during that company's golden years. Brian formed Star Quality, a consulting firm specializing in test automation in the late 90s. After 12 years of experience in the trenches, he’s excited to be building the next generation testing tool that will increase the productivity and and effectiveness of test and development teams.

Novalys Company Profile
(AscentialTest Worldwide Exclusive Distributor)

Novalys is the official distributor for the AscentialTest tool. Since 1998, Novalys has been a global software testing company, with a strategic presence in North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Asia. Specializing in the development and distribution of tools for developers, Novalys is dedicated to enhancing the software landscape with precision and innovation.

Overview of SQC Co. Ltd.
(AscentialTest Japan General Agent)

SQC is the official distributor of AscentialTest in Japan. SQC was established in 1995, with headquarters in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo and a project center in Okinawa, SQC is a software third-party verification company. It is a long-established company with a group of automation tools' experts. SQC strives to provide the highest standards of service and support in the industry to satisfy its customers.

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AscentialTest Background

After creating QA Partner / SilkTest at Segue Software in the 1990s, Dave and Brian founded a consulting firm specializing in software testing automation, using their own tools as well as those of other market leaders.

As consultants, they had the opportunity to confront the reality of software testing. This in-depth experience of the field taught them that:

  • Automated tests were too expensive to build and maintain.
  • The need for programming skills, to move beyond the superficial tests that can be recorded, left out too many members of the testing team.
  • A large portion of the test development time was spent 'writing code' to work around object recognition deficiencies and to create custom frameworks -- most of which were over-engineered and hard to understand for everyone but the framework author.

This finding explains why the decision to automate the tests is not obvious.

After waiting in vain for the arrival of a new generation tool, Dave and Brian embarked on the design of AscentialTest.

Based on their experience, AscentialTest is built around six key design criteria:

  • Build the most powerful object recognition engine on the planet.
  • Eliminate the need for programming skills to build robust, easy to maintain tests.
  • Kill test frameworks! Seriously. No frameworks allowed!
  • Simplify test maintenance so that an application change requires only a single change to    its automated test.
  • Get rid of messy spreadsheets with keywords and test data.
  • Make testers more productive by automating the process of building automated tests.