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Application Lifecycle Management | AscentialTest

AscentialTest offers a unique approach of software testing combining Object Based and No Programming Test-Automation

AscentialTest is gradually extending its support for the application and test lifecycle.

Test planning

The Test Plan Editor allows describing and organizing requirements as a plan, list, or scenario. It creates links between manual or automated tests, and data stored in AscentialTest tables.

You can:

  • Add tests to plans by drag and drop
  • Link test cases with data in just a few clicks
  • Locate the tests with a query tool, thanks to test plan attributes.
  • Automatically generate test plans from data tables
  • Choose the number of times for which the same test will be repeated
  • Group multiple test plans into a suite to run them
AscentialTest - Test Planning View

Defect Tracking

AscentialTest manages the relationship between test results and defects.
It uses Jira for defect tracking.

A failure can be associated with a defect. In this case, when the problem is solved, a notification is sent to have testers execute the test again.

  • Create a defect
  • Assign a test to a defect
  • Invite to create tickets for failed tests
  • Check defects statuses
  • Invite to re-run the tests when problems are fixed
  • Invite to close defects for "successful" tests
  • Edit the status and details of a defect
Track Errors with Jira in AscentialTest

Version Control

AscentialTest - Version Control

Through integration with versioning tools such as Subversion (SVN), AscentialTest provides collaborative capabilities to help large teams manage their tests.

They can:

  • Check-in / check-out objects in SVN
  • Merge files with the built-in merge utility
  • Review the project history
  • Restore earlier versions

Managing Test Execution

Test sets help managing the execution of the tests and their results and generates reports.

Depending on how your company handles tests and deliveries, a test set can be a build, a test cycle, a project, and so on.

Managing Test Execution with AscentialTest
  • Create a test Set combining automated and manual tests.
  • Centralize test results in a database.
  • Document the reasons why tests blocked or failed.
  • Comment tests to explain their results.
  • Generate test reports in various formats (PDF, HTML, EXCEL, RTF, TXT,TIF).
  • Automatically send results by email.
  • View results in real time on the AscentialTest web portal.
  • Attach any type of document to the results.
  • Run tests locally, remotely or on several machines.
  • Schedule test execution with the "Test Scheduler."

Continuous integration

You can use the command-line execution option to implement AscentialTest with continuous integration tools, such as Jenkins or TFS. You will be able to:

  • Execute plans, suites, or test sets from the command line.
  • Generate Reports after Command Line execution