Novalys is a distributor of AscentialTest, a Zeenyx product


Automate the Tests of all Windows, Desktop and Web applications:

  • PowerBuilder desktop and Desktop/Cloud,
  • PowerServer Web applications,
  • Any .Net application: MVC, WPF, Web API, C# Webservices...
  • Any databases (read & write for testing purposes),
  • PDF files (read & write)
  • Java applications
  • Any Web technology: Ajax, Angular, etc.
  • XML,
  • Terminal Based applications (IBM 3270, etc.)

Why Choose AscentialTest

AscentialTest is a tool that allows you to quickly create robust, easy-to-maintain tests without programming.

AscentialTest is not a recorder

Unlike recorders that require to recreate tests with each new version of the application, AscentialTest uses the application objects to define test actions. Tests are stable, faster to create and easier to maintain.

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Supports 100% of PB objects and DW

AscentialTest automatically recognizes all PowerBuilder objects, all types of DataWindows and supports all PB features. Appeon and Zeenyx officialy validated the integration with PowerBuilder and PowerServer since v 9.6

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Understanding the inner structure of the Datawindows

AscentialTest recognizes Datawindows regardless of their presentation style (Form, Grid, Group, Tabular, etc.).

AscentialTest understands Datawindow structure

This image displays a Datawindow in the form of what we call a PbTable. It has rows and columns that can contain any number of control types (checkbox, popuplist, textfield, etc.).

AscentialTest provides a feature called a "selector" to easily locate a row in a table based on a target value. Once located, AscentialTest makes it easy to set and get values from this row.

In this example, the selector has located the third row in the table because the "Item Name" column contains the test value "Table Management":

You can create selectors on any column and can even combine selectors when necessary to find the target row.

When scanning Freeform Datawindows, AscentialTest recognizes all types of embedded controls: PbText, PbTextField, PbRadioGroup, PbCheckBox...

AscentialTest understands Datawindow structure

Other PowerBuilder objects

AscentialTest provides a special recognition feature for PowerBuilder toolbar buttons, to simplify their selection and manipulations within your tests.

AscentialTest understands Datawindow structure

AscentialTest recognizes all PowerBuilder objects, including:

  • PbCheckBox
  • PbComboList
  • PbComboTable
  • PbCompute
  • PbDataWindow
  • PbPopupList
  • PbPopupTable
  • PbRadioGroup
  • PbText
  • PbTextField

Finally, another feature called "RenderText" provides recognition of text that is not associated with an application object.
It allows manipulating a text painted onto to an application canvas as if it were a standard text object.

AscentialTest understands Datawindow structure


No other testing solution provides the depth of support for PowerBuilder as AscentialTest

Why Automate the Tests of your PowerBuilder Applications?

Automated testing is a great solution for PowerBuilder apps. They are usually data-centric, with a rich UI generating lots of testing scenarios.

Instead of running manually the same tests over and over again, you can define a series of manipulations that the tool will play automatically as often as you need.

As a result, you get a better test coverage, less regression bugs and a much better testing productivity.

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Why most testing tools don't work well with PB?

Most testing tools have difficulties to handle PB applications, because they cannot properly analyze datawindows and their inner structure.

Other tools would suggest writing custom code, to recognize rows based on column values.

In both cases, you get an extra workload and a poor result...

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