Whuy use Ascential Test? 
Novalys is a distributor of AscentialTest, a Zeenyx product

Why is AscentialTest a better testing tool?

We spent over 20 years building a test solution (SilkTest) and using various tools for consulting purposes. This gave us a clear vision of the traditional players and their shortcomings.

Based on this, we designed AscentialTest with an innovative approach, addressing these recurring issues and making tests as easy to maintain as they are to create.

Have you heard before the following concerns:

Test Maintenance is too heavy!

When the application changes, we must record again a lot of tests!

Traditional tools record images of the GUI.

Anytime something changes in a screen (a text, the position of a control...), you must record again all the related tests.

Re-creating tests for each version of the application completely defeats the purposes of automated testing!

Object-based: with AscentialTest, a test does NOT rely on screen recordings but rather on application objects. As a result, most tests are not impacted when the application changes.

Reusability: don't define the same actions numerous times for several tests.

  1. Define blocks of actions called "Steps".
  2. Assemble several Steps to create a test.
  3. When the application changes, update the few steps that were impacted.
  4. All the tests are automatically updated!

Our innovative features speed up test creation:

  • Automatic Object recognition: no matter your application is web or desktop, or its underlying development language. AscentialTest will automatically recognize all its objects.
  • No coding, just clicking: drag & drop objects, define actions with a few clicks, and that's it!
  • Reusability: define and reuse blocks of actions for as many tests as you need. Less work to create and maintain tests...

Creating Tests is too long!

We don't have the bandwidth to automate our tests, so we keep the manual way!

You may feel that automated testing could be beneficial for you, but everyone's busy...

Defining automated tests would require resources that you cannot allocate.

As a result, you keep the same manual testing, with its limitations and recurring costs...

We need manual testing anyway

Some tests will remain manual. We don't need 2 separate testing cycles

Whatever the solution, some operations may have to remain manual.

If so, managing separately automated and manual testing is tricky. You must coordinate both testing cycles, consolidate results, dispatch debugging and re-testing…

We know some applications need both automated and manual testing.

That's why AscentialTest has been designed to combine them both, for a full and consistent test coverage:

  • Manage manual & automated tests in a single plan.
  • Centralize, consolidate and share all test results with your collaborators.

With AscentialTest, business skills are enough to create tests.

It combines the power of scripting tools, and the simplicity of recorders:

  • Objects recognition is done automatically.
  • Define tests by drag and drop
  • No scripting required

Testers need technical skills

Our testers are business oriented, they don't have the skills to write scripts…

Scripting tools let you build powerful tests, by writing scripts to interact with your application, but they requires development skills.

You may also wonder how to define applications objects and build tests with AscentialTest...