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Quick Test Creation

With AscentialTest Object recognition, create test with drag & drop from a preview of your application.

Easy Maintenance

AscentialTest step-based approach allows to update only the part of the test impacted by a change of the application.

No Programming

AscentialTest visual environment allows any user create or run tests.

A Unique Approach

AscentialTest drastically reduces the learning curve, test creation time and maintenance efforts.

  • Create blocks of actions with drag & drop
  • Combine and reuse these blocks to create multiple tests
  • Run data-driven tests using Data Management features
  • Updating a block automatically updates the tests using it
Create Tests with Drag & Drop


Productivity Features

Object recognition

AscentialTest recognizes automatically your application objects. No matter their type and complexity (standard, custom, textual, image-based…).

Drag and Drop

Define object-based tests with simple drag & drops


Combine and Reuse blocks of actions in multiple tests. Keep maintenance workload to a minimum!

Application Lifecycle Management

Bug Tracking

Create a bug and assign it to a test. When the bug is fixed, you get notified, test it again and close it if it passed.

Continuous Integration

Integrates with Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins or TFS, with a command line execution. Run Plans and generate reports automatically from command line.

Version control

Implement collaboration features, contribute to test development efforts, Check in/check out components, merge files, review project history, restore to previous revision...

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Supported Platforms

AscentialTest is used all over the world to test any type of application: retail, telecommunications, health, finance, banking, insurance, industry, engineering, education, point of sale, etc. across a multitude of platforms