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    Supports all PB objects including the DataWindows
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Why Automate the Tests of your PowerBuilder Applications?

Automated testing is a great solution for PowerBuilder apps.
They are usually data-centric, with a rich UI generating lots of testing scenarios.

  • Define a series of manipulations that the tool will play automatically as often as you need.
  • Get a better test coverage, less regression bugs and a much better testing productivity.

Why most testing tools don't work well with PB?

Most testing tools have difficulties to handle PB applications,
because they cannot properly analyze datawindows and their inner structure.

  • Some tools would suggest writing custom code, reducing the overall productivity
  • The result is often poor

Test your PowerBuilder Applications

With AscentialTest, the solution that supports all PB objects including the DataWindows

AscentialTest is not a recorder

Unlike recorders that require to recreate tests with each new version of the application, AscentialTest uses the application objects to define test actions.

Tests are stable, faster to create and easier to maintain.

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Supports 100% of PB objects and DW

AscentialTest automatically recognizes all PowerBuilder objects, all types of DataWindows and supports all PB features.

Appeon and Zeenyx officialy validated the integration with PowerBuilder and PowerServer since v 9.6

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Provides numerous integration features

  • Automated Testing with Jenkins for Continuous Integration
  • Integration with Azure DevOps for Continuous Integration
  • Integration with Jira, and soon with Azure DevOps, for Defect Tracking
  • Integration with Subversion and soon with GIT and TFS for Version Control

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Reduce test maintenance cost

Drastically reduce maintenance costs

Create tests Resilient to UI changes.
No need to recreate all the tests every time the application evolves

Test Creation

Object recognition, drag & drop, reusability… innovative features accelerate the test creation process.

manual software testing

Combine Automated
& Manual Test

Plan, Execute and Report combinations of Manual and Automated tests.

No programming software testing

No Programming

No need to develop a Framework, or write scripts.

Just go ahead and test!

Productivity Features

Object recognition

AscentialTest recognizes automatically your application objects. No matter their type and complexity (standard, custom, textual, image-based…).

Drag and Drop

Define object-based tests with simple drag & drops


Reuse blocks of actions and test data in multiple tests. Less work to build tests and maintain them!

Application Lifecycle Management

Bug Tracking

Create a bug and assign it to a test. When the bug is fixed, you get notified, test it again and close it if it passed.

Continuous Integration

Integrates with Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins or TFS, with a command line execution. Run Plans and generate reports automatically from command line.

Version control

Implement collaboration features, contribute to test development efforts, Check in/check out components, merge files, review project history, restore to previous revision...

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Supported Platforms

AscentialTest is used all over the world to test any type of application: retail, telecommunications, health, finance, banking, insurance, industry, engineering, education, point of sale, etc. across a multitude of platforms